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Learn more about nearby cities - Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Bingen, Rüdesheim and Kaiserlautern. Includes a training on the German train system - Useful for your following trips


Your choice of Tour Frankfurt, Wiesbaden or Kaiserslautern


- Private tour guide to see these cities like you have never seen them before

- Hidden places are waiting to be explored

- Frankfurt: Hop-on-hop-off bus tour, the Main river and its famous bridge Eiserner Steg,             original Frankfurt food style and drinks

- Wiesbaden: see the largest cuckoo clock, Nerobergbahn - a cable car that secretly runs           with water

- Kaiserslautern: Nature park at Vogelwoog, Inner City

- Bonus: A training on the German train system

City Tours will last up to 4 hours.

For your convenience: You get picked up at the Train Station, Parking lot or Hotel by request.

Food and beverages not included!

We will be back in March 2022

The Real Thing!


Small Groups Only


Reservation      requested!!!


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