Rhine River Tours
Rhine River Tours

Hiking Tours

Hiking along the Rhine River - See the famous 433 feet high slate rock of the Loreley. Views that you only find here at the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley




Boat & Sightseeing Tour

Our favorite tour for all ages - Bingen and Rüdesheim, Monument, Castle, Gondola ride plus a cruise on the magnificent Rhine River - includes lunch

and all tickets




Wine Tasting

Taste many different fine Rhine wine.

You will get the story from the grape to the wine.

On top you will join a wonderful boat ride



But please also check out all the other options we offer




Welcome to your private tour along the Rhine River - The tour with a heart

This tour is a one of its kind: Very private, very exlusive. Maximum number of guests is 10

and all your questions will be answered. No stress, no time pressure and lunch whenever you decide.

Enjoy a boat cruise, a gondola ride up to the Germania monument, hiking through vineyards, a castle adventure, a private tour of one of Germany's finest locations. Enjoy a most delightful view over a beautiful landscape while hearing actual stories that are hundreds of years old.

 An all day trip on one of Germany's famous rivers with all of its beauty, history and charm.

This is what our guests say about us on Facebook: "This tour is highly recommended - Very personal experience for our group - We would never been able to find all this in just one day."

The Real Thing!

Small Groups Only


We are open for Season 2024

Reservation      requested -

Please book in advance


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