Rhine River Tours
Rhine River Tours


For a family-friendly, stressfree all day option, check on our Sight-seeing & Boat Trips tour 



If you're a fan of hiking along the Rhine River and see the valley from up above, check on our Hiking Tours


Do you know the city you live in? Would you like to find out mor about it? Would you like to find out how the train system works in Germany? Check on our City Tours



Would you like to find out more about the local winemaking? Check on our Wine Tasting


All Tours you will do entirely at your own risk and we shall have no liability to you for any failure. Parents are responsible for their children.

How to find us


Start and meeting point:

Parking lot across

Stefan-George-Straße 2

55411 Bingen am Rhein

How to contact us

Booking requested!

Call for more info or individual tours:     +49 160-3431986


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