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Congratulation, this is our number one tour in the season!


Tour Rüdesheim is an all day trip that starts at 11:00am in the morning and ends at 6:00pm

and includes the following:


- Private tour guide who tells you actual stories that are hundreds of years old

- Lunch is included except beverages/drinks - One dish per Person

- The price fits all, fares and tickets to attractions such as:


        - Ferry trip Bingen - Rüdesheim

        - Gondola ride up to the Germania monument

        - Lunch in the middle of the vineyards

        - Town walk through world famous city along the Rhine - Rüdesheim

        - Drosselgasse with a lot of secrets you will not see on any other tour

        - Cruise boat trip Rüdesheim - Assmannshausen 

        - Castle of Rheinstein with all it´s beauty, history and charm - also here, you will be                    taken by the hand. Awake the knight in you by listening to amazing castle stories!

84,90 € per person, 50 % OFF for children under the age of 12. Toddlers free.


This is your all-inclusive package to see the most, to pay the less

at the Unesco World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley!

Sufficient parking spaces are available.


Please ask for transport service from any location near Kaiserlautern, Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Koblenz... call for your special request.

How to find us


Start and meeting point:

Parking lot across

Stefan-George-Straße 2

55411 Bingen am Rhein

How to contact us

Booking requested!

Call for more info or individual tours:     +49 160-3431986


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